Krider World’s Fair Garden Brochure

Middlebury Parks Department | 2020

Front cover

First inside spread

For the cover, I created illustrations of some of the iconic features of the park. Particularly the Dutch Windmill, Toadstools, and Sunrise Bench. These three features were in the World’s Fair Garden display. The statue of the goddess, Hebe, was added to the park in 2011. The rose is replicated from a Krider Garden Nurseries advertisement for their thornless rose.


The first inside spread details the history of Krider Nurseries.

Historical and contemporary photos of three of the park's features. (Photos supplied)

Full interior spread

Covers and first inside spread

Front and back cover

Krider Nurseries history spread featuring old advertisements and a catalogue cover

Guide map of the garden with a guide to the different features.

Historical photos and information about the Krider Garden display at the Chicago World's Fair